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West Virginia
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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party:
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Featured Murder-Mystery Adventure:


Mayor Joe Possumz, who's just announced that he'll be running for his fourth term as mayor of Elmtown in the fall elections, is in the reviewing stand for the 4th of July parade, waving and wearing his now-famous, red-white-and-blue bowtie...

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West Virginia

Night of Mystery

"Trailer Park Tragedy"

It's the annual W.T. Trailer Park BBQ and this year's blast is going to be one to remember!

Well known in the community and by the law enforcement agencies for its after-hours fights, double-crossings, and illegal happenings, this trailer park's BBQ is a recipe for disaster. However, with free food and booze on the menu, all of the ill-mannered, illiterate, and intoxicated residents are certain to be there — hair curlers and all!

With too much history and not enough space, something is bound to happen to send one of the guests over the edge... and another one to their death.

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West Virginia