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Levity Players Group

Our next show:

Rags and Catalytic Converters or Who Greased the Catwalk? – Ray “Rags” Swanson, a prominent and flamboyant fashion designer, and Blake Thomas, a successful automotive company C.E.O., host “Rags and Catalytic Converters”, a combined ladies fashion show and auto show. Before the new car can be unveiled, a murder occurs. Amidst model cat fights and squabbling between automotive design engineers, the truth will out.

Our talented actors will present this show at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 27th, 2018.


Kansas Belle Dinner Train


"Marriage is Murder"

Dateline — Fall 1944

The Setting — Aboard American industrialist Spencer Tracy’s private railroad car...

While war rages in Europe, Tracy and his wife Katharine celebrate the pending marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to playboy Micky Fisher.

Though the national press disdains extravagance in the midst of wartime sacrifices, the nuptials will be held this weekend at a world famous resort.

Since Tracy’s factories produce the gun sights used in American bombing runs over Berlin, rumors of Nazi spies and industrial espionage run rampant.

  • Will the Germans unleash awesome new weapons to save themselves?
  • Can the allies continue their victorious advances?
  • Will there ever be enough good men to marry with this darn war going on?
  • Did Elizabeth make the right choice?
  • Will the wedding bring more than wedding bells? Tune in...

Kansas Belle Dinner Train
215 Ames Street
Baldwin City, KS 66006

Call (785) 594-8505

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Baldwin City

Prairie Pines Playhouse:
Mystery Dinner Theater

We are excited about the upcoming mystery dinner theater season. With a fabulous cast of actors, The Maltese Partridge (in a Pear Tree) is going to be a laugh-out-loud hit. The show is a delightful parody of the film noir classic, The Maltese Falcon, and audiences will have the opportunity to solve the mystery of the the missing partridge. It is sure to be a great evening! We are now booking groups of 2 – 150. Visit Prairie Pines Playhouse for all the details.


Prairie Pines
4055 N Tyler Rd
Maize KS 67101

Call: (316) 722-1145