Murder Mystery Weekends at the Lafayette Manor Inn

You will arrive on Friday night after dinner, and will then join your fellow sleuths in one of our parlors for a little social gathering before retiring for the night. (Note: We'd love to have all of our participants arrive in town early enough on Friday night to eat dinner together, but we understand that people traveling a long distance may face some challenges. Therefore, this meal is not included in the price of the mystery weekend). At that time, you will become one of the characters in the unfolding drama and meet the others. As events unfold while you are sound asleep, you will be presented with new and strange facts that you will need to solve!

After a tasty three-course breakfast the next morning, you will find more clues and will observe the interrogations of your fellow suspects - we mean guests - as well as learn the clues and evidence uncovered by a visiting detective. You finally begin to really discover who's who, learn their pasts, and find out what their motives might be.

On Saturday evening, you will attend an exquisite five-course gourmet dinner, where murder is forgotten, and celebration reigns!

Finally, on Sunday morning, you will witness a suspense-filled climax that ties all the pieces together, with the murderer (or murderers) exposed.