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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party:
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Your Guide: Inspector Jack Pachuta

Even if you've never hosted a Murder Mystery Party or Mystery Dinner before, my complete do-it-yourself kits will guide you step by step and stress-free through the party.


Featured Murder-Mystery Adventure:


It was an evening of wine and cheese at the Melee Vineyards in Nippy Valley, celebrating the winery's tenth anniversary. Owner Malcolm Melee took great pride in pouring his world-famous Melee Cabernet, the wine that tickles the palates of wine connoisseurs around the globe...

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The Dinner Detective

Solve a hilarious crime while you feast on a fantastic dinner. Just beware! The killer is hiding somewhere in the room, and you may find yourself as a Prime Suspect!

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show performs weekly. We also offer private events & shows that are customized to your group with roles for your group members to play. Join us for a one-of-a-kind public or private event that your guests will talk about for months!


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Night of Mystery

"Lights! Camera! Murder!"

Come have a tantalizing night in Tinseltown filled with twists and terror.

After a night of accolades at the Academy Awards Show, you will attend the A-list after-party hosted by millionaire Vanity Affair. While socializing and schmoozing with Hollywood’s elite, careers will be made, secrets will be revealed, scandals will be broken and a homicide will happen.

With a V.I.P. victim and the celebrities all suspect, you will be called upon to find the criminal by cracking this red carpet caper.

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Fillmore & Western Railway

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

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Embark on an evening train ride with an excellent dinner, hearty laughs, and some less-than-serious sleuthing. Enjoy a first-class three-course dinner, served while actors commit mirth and murder. Jump right in and help solve the murder - or simply sit back, be waited on and entertained on board the only Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Southern California.

Hotel Charlotte - on the way to Yosemite National Park.

Highlights of a Murder Mystery...

Nothing beats a fall murder. The air is crisper, the skies bluer, the stars brighter and the time seems just right! The first Murder Mystery, Murder Becomes a Habit, held on October 7th was such fun that we added a second performance on Sunday, November 4th. The evening starts with a happy hour, some sharing of clues, a salad, a fight and the ultimate crime. The solving of the mystery involves guests working together to gather the pieces of the puzzle over dinner. At the end of the evening each table submits a vote for "who done it" and the voted ending is then played out. The dynamics of the evening change with each performance of the show, clues construed and often misconstrued lead to different out comes.

The year is 1922. Groveland is prospering as a result of the gold rush era, the current interest in Yosemite and the Hetch Hetchy railroad and dam project headquartered in Groveland. The law is strictly enforced by Sheriff Buck Masters but gambling and speakeasies are overlooked because the work is so difficult. The townspeople, miners and workers are enjoying the peace, the community is thriving and business is booming at the beautiful new Hotel Charlotte.

"We Bring Broadway and Hollywood To Your Event!"

Host the perfect evening of intrigue, suspense and... MURDER ...right in your own home - OR in a banquet room, restaurant, on board a cruise, or even a train! Sharpo!® Events actively engage your guests from cocktails all through dinner and dessert! Everyone is a suspect and can be implicated in the crime.

Armed with a devilishly clever script, a unique edgy comedy shtick, and the impeccable timing that comes from thousands of performances, Sharpo!® Murder Mystery keeps the crowd in stitches and on the edge of their seats.

Turn your house party into a murder mystery crime scene! The action-packed mystery adventure starts with a bang and then moves along at a furious pace. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way. Suspense builds as our detective interrogates the guests. His masterful manipulations often result in spontaneous, hysterical laughter. Guests have an opportunity to solve the crime and win an unusual prize. In a dramatic climax the truth is revealed. The killers are exposed and taken away.

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