Hotel Charlotte - on the way to Yosemite National Park.

Highlights of a Murder Mystery...

Nothing beats a fall murder. The air is crisper, the skies bluer, the stars brighter and the time seems just right! The first Murder Mystery, Murder Becomes a Habit, held on October 7th was such fun that we added a second performance on Sunday, November 4th. The evening starts with a happy hour, some sharing of clues, a salad, a fight and the ultimate crime. The solving of the mystery involves guests working together to gather the pieces of the puzzle over dinner. At the end of the evening each table submits a vote for "who done it" and the voted ending is then played out. The dynamics of the evening change with each performance of the show, clues construed and often misconstrued lead to different out comes.

The year is 1922. Groveland is prospering as a result of the gold rush era, the current interest in Yosemite and the Hetch Hetchy railroad and dam project headquartered in Groveland. The law is strictly enforced by Sheriff Buck Masters but gambling and speakeasies are overlooked because the work is so difficult. The townspeople, miners and workers are enjoying the peace, the community is thriving and business is booming at the beautiful new Hotel Charlotte.