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Dead Cert, Dick Francis

As heartstopping as a Triple Crown race to the finish, Dick Francis' Dead Cert delivers a mystery that's a sure fire winner. This acclaimed novel also set the stage for Francis' illustrious career that followed this, his literary debut.

dead-cert-dick-francis dead-cert-dick-francis

Steeplechase jockey, Alan York, is shattered when his best friend (and racetrack rival) dies in a fatal accident while thundering to the finish line in a race. Driven to make sense of his friend's untimely death, York discovers that a nearly invisible trip wire had been strategically place to cause the 'accident'. The wire had taken down the racing steed and killed his friend.

Dead Cert has something for everyone...mystery fans, animal lovers and even a touch of romance. York is a believable character and not without some very human flaws. Yet, the action is fast paced and believable. Don't miss this fun and exciting murder mystery.